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Speed-Tech Equipment sells various types of new and refurbished industrial trash compactors including stationary compactors, self-contained compactors, and vertical compactors. Our inventory of new compactors include the Marathon RJ-275 Stationary Compactor, as well as Sebright Products. 

Although located in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, Speed-Tech will ship new compactors all over the world! Just Ask! 

We Provide Compactor Installations! 

Our qualified installation technicians will install new and refurbished waste compactors for all of Michigan, Northwestern Ohio, and Northern Indiana. Our installation equipment consists of two flatbed trucks equipped with cranes and trailers to transport the new waste compactor equipment to your site and then install it. Our compactor installation crew will take care of the installation from start to finish.

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Decrease the size and volume of your waste material through compressing and crushing

Stationary Compactors

Our extensive line of industrial trash and waste compactors and other various products are unique to every application and each client’s needs.  Stationary Compactors are great for general trash, dry waste, recyclables, or bulky waste that you want to dispose of. These waste compactors typically have loading chambers ranging between 1-4 cubic yards and can be configured for all types of loading.

We are here to provide any waste compactor need, no matter if your need is self contained, vertical, or stationary compactors including service, repairs, inspections, and parts.

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Self Contained Compactors

Speed-Tech is a distributor and dealer for several manufacturers and can supply you with new or refurbished self contained compactors. These are great for high-liquid volume applications. The compactor and container come as one unit. These types of waste compactors have loading chambers ranging from 1-2 cubic yards with a container ranging from 10-30 cubic yards. 

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Vertical Compactors

We service and sell a wide range of makes and models of both new and used vertical compactors. These compactors are great for limited space and lower volume applications. They have a removable container which the compactor packs the waste into and all liquids are held in the container until it is removed from the compactor to be dumped. The container is emptied by a front-load collection truck. 

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Waste Compactors Are Perfect For:

Auto Dealers 

Big Box Stores


Grocery Store 


Distribution Centers

Malls / Retail 

Transfer Stations / Municipal 

Industrial Manufacturing

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