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Speed-Tech Equipment services a wide range of many makes and models of vertical balers. Speed-Tech is a distributor and dealer for several manufacturers and can supply you with new or refurbished machines from a small backroom 42 inch unit up to the largest of 60 – 72 inch balers.

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Marathon High Density Vertical Balers

Marathon’s vertical balers are well known for the many innovations that contribute to ease of use and maintenance friendly access. These include features such as a front facing panel box, the side-mounted power unit with submerged motor and pump, and a redundant feed gate interlock system that contribute to its being a reliable baler for a long life of trouble free recycling. In addition, the fact that the motor and pump are submerged in the hydraulic fluid tank provides for a much quieter operation. The Smart Relay also adds easy setup, safety features, and diagnostic capabilities to their balers.

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PTR Vertical Balers

PTR manufactures a wide range of balers that can be used for a variety of applications such as the baling of plastic P.E.T. bottles, aluminum cans and siding, and cardboard. Their ten standard models of vertical balers range in size from 24” – 72” and can accommodate bales from 100 to 1800 pounds. The advanced design features of these machines make it possible to combine easy operation without sacrificing safety. The recognized high quality of workmanship ensures that these balers will handle your toughest requirements with reliable efficiency at low maintenance costs while also contributing to a long life.

Bace Vertical Baler

Vertical balers, such as this Bace Vertical Baler, compact waste and recycling material from above instead of from side to side, as do the horizontal balers. Vertical balers are usually manually loaded and uploaded and can be operated by just one person. This makes them ideal for smaller companies, industries, or facilities that don’t produce enough waste to be compacted that would require a horizontal baler. In addition to being great for baling cardboard, plastics, paper, metals, aluminum cans, trim, and OCC, models including this Fox Vertical Baler are also perfect for buildings with low ceilings since they have a shorter ram height.

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