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Speed-Tech Equipment services a wide range of many makes and models of new and used vertical compactors. A vertical compactor is used for packing trash and waste, reducing the amount of times someone needs to come by to pick up the waste. Vertical compactors are often front loading but many can also be rear loading as well – most vertical compactors come in various sizes to fit any situation and need. 

Speed-Tech is a distributor and dealer for several manufacturers and can supply you with new or refurbished compactors. If you are interested in learning more about what vertical compactors we have to offer, or if you are not seeing the compactor that you are looking for don’t hesitate, please contact us today!

Marathon’s Vert-I-Pack (VIP) Vertical Compactor

Marathon’s vertical balers are well known for the many innovations that contribute to ease of use and maintenance friendly access. These include features such as a front facing panel box, the side-mounted power unit with submerged motor and pump, and a redundant feed gate interlock system that contribute to its being a reliable baler for a long life of trouble free recycling. In addition, the fact that the motor and pump are submerged in the hydraulic fluid tank provides for a much quieter operation. The Smart Relay also adds easy setup, safety features, and diagnostic capabilities to their balers.

• Reversible: Use for front or rear feed applications
• Adjustable to accommodate a 4, 6 or 8 cubic yard container
• Low-profile feed heights
• Rigid anchoring platform
• Triple interlock
• Available in 3-8 cubic yard capacities

vertical compactors

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