Stationary Compactors

Stationary Compactors & Accessories for Sale in Michigan

Speed-Tech is proud to offer new and used Stationary Compactors & Accessories for sale in the Michigan area. Stationary trash compactors are bolted to a concrete pad and will compact waste into a detachable container. These machines are designed specifically for dry waste applications, handling aluminum, corrugated boxes, industrial waste plus plastics and paper. Stationary trash compactors are great for facilities that generate 100 cubic yards or more per month such as large box stores, warehouse facilities, distribution centers, and office buildings. 

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We are proud to offer Sebright and Marathon Compactors!

Newly Installed Stationary Compactors

EPI breads baler
another blackmer pump
baler from house of flavors
another baler for house of flavors
scaled gentex baler

Marathon RJ-275 Stationary Compactor

The RAMJET 275 is Marathon’s best 2.5 cubic yard capacity stationary compactors for the value. Built for reliable performance in commercial and medium industrial applications. It effectively reduces solid waste material to a fraction of its original size. It is attractively priced and features a 60 second cycle time and powerful 55,100 lbs of compaction force.

stationary compactor

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