stuck loading dock door

What to Do When Your Loading Dock Door Gets Stuck

A loading dock door that is not working correctly will affect the security and functionality of any warehouse operations. An inoperable loading dock door compromises loading dock safety and leaves the warehouse at risk for theft or damage.

Before trying to find a solution to fix your loading dock door, you need to figure out the cause of the door being stuck in the open or closed position. Let’s go over some common problems that can cause a warehouse loading dock door to stop operating efficiently and how to fix the issue.

Power Disconnection

If your loading dock is powered by electricity, then a lack of energy may be causing your door to not open or close. Your warehouse’s main power unit may be the issue or the electrical wiring to the dock door is damaged or disconnected.

Damaged Dock Door Panel Section

Break-ins or vandalism, or core and edge damage can also be factors that play a part in your loading dock door not operating correctly. Since most loading dock doors have sections, it’s sometimes possible to only need to fix the damaged section rather than the whole entire dock door.

However, you should have a professional inspect the door for any damage to ensure the warehouse dock door is safe and secure. It may seem cost-effective to only replace the damaged section, but it might not prolong the life of your dock door for very long. Yes, replacing the missing or damaged dock door is cost-effective, but in the case of break-ins, purchasing a new loading dock door may be the safest option.

Obstructions or Damaged Door Dock Parts

Leaves, dust, dirt, and other debris caught inside the tracks or wheels can jam your loading dock door. Any type of excessive buildup of grime or lack of wheel lubrication will cause the rollers to pop out of the tracks.

Another common issue is the wearing out of the loading dock equipment. The components of industrial door can start to rust or become inflexible. The spring systems in your door will also go through heavy wear and tear and can give out or completely break. Best practices include having your dock doors visually inspected regularly for any obstructions and to evaluate the condition of the worn or damaged parts which need to be replaced.

Misalignment on Tracks

There are many ways that your loading dock door can become misaligned on the tracks. The metal tracks could become corroded or loose and come off the wall, or they could be dented or warped from experienced damage after being hit.

The worst way to try and fix the problem is by forcing the dock door back onto the tracks. It will lead to more costly damage and cause serious injuries to workers. Even if the issue seems minor and could be an easy fix, getting the loading dock door back on the tracks once it’s been removed is a difficult task.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional loading dock door repair service to make sure the problem is resolved safely.

Loading dock safety is very important when performing daily warehouse operations. When your loading docks experience frequent abuse, they’ll wear out faster and lead to major repairs and replacement costs.

Improving the longevity of your loading dock door through routine inspections and following the suggested preventative maintenance plan can help ensure your door is functioning properly- saving you some money and avoiding the risk of serious injuries. If you’re in need of loading dock door repairs or loading dock equipment contact the Speed-Tech service department today!