Equipment Rebuilds

Rebuilding equipment can be an affordable & effective way to extend the life & get the most out of your equipment.

Speed-Tech Equipment incorporates a methodical and thorough approach when performing equipment rebuilds in Michigan & Mid-West. When refurbishing equipment, we strip down the machines, do a detailed evaluation, and overhaul the structural, hydraulic and electrical components as needed. The hydraulic tank is emptied, cleaned, and new oil and filters are installed. After the refurbishing process is complete, the machines are reassembled, thoroughly tested, and specifications confirmed. The result is not only quality rebuilt equipment that will perform reliably for many years, but is also backed by a solid warranty.

So, if your aging equipment is requiring higher maintenance costs, or you are looking for used equipment that that has been fully rebuilt, then contact Speed-Tech Equipment & inquire about equipment rebuild solutions for your business either at our facility or onsite.

Speed-Tech Equipment offers equipment rebuilds for:

  • vertical and horizontal balers
  • stationary compactors
  • self-contained compactors
  • vertical compactors
  • loading docks
  • doors and seals

equipment rebuild

equipment rebuilds






Speed-Tech Equipment’s equipment rebuild services cover Michigan and the northern parts of the Ohio and Indiana.

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