Loading Dock Safety Products & Accessories

NORDOCK® Barrier Gates, Dock Bumpers, Control Systems and Dock Communications

The various types of operations taking place in and around the loading dock make it one of the most hazardous areas in warehouses, distribution centers, industrial buildings, or manufacturing plants. Since no two facilities are the same, Speed-Tech Equipment is committed to helping you keep your employees and equipment safe by offering loading dock safety products.

Nordock Dock Leveler

Loading Dock Safety Products We Offer

Loading dock safety products


Avoids equipment damage and accidental roll-off

By keeping forklifts from accessing the dock area when the door is open, the NORDOCK® FALL-STOP™ Series Barrier Gates avoids edge of dock accidents and increases safety.

Dock Bumpers

NORDOCK®Dock Bumpers

From NORDOCK® IMPACT™ Series Steel Spring Bumpers, Laminated Bumpers, Steel Faced and Molded Bumpers, we have a product to fit all of your needs. 

LOGI-SMART Integrated Control System

LOGI-SMART Integrated Control System

Provide a safe order of operation with the equipment integration systems available from NORDOCK®. The loading dock doors, dock levelers, TRUCK-LOCK® Air Seals, and communication lights can all be integrated to guarantee optimal safety and productivity.

Dock Communications for loading dock safety

Dock Communications

A dock communication system is critical for loading docks whether your facility is large or small. The operation of loading and unloading trucks makes the loading dock one of the most dangerous areas in any business or warehouse. 



Avoids equipment damage and accidental roll-off

It also prevents more door track and panel damage that is caused by pallet handling and forklifts when it is used at a loading dock. Safe, simple, and smooth operation is provided by a counter balance system. Energy absorbing bumpers shield the truck, building, and gate from destructive impact forces.

Electric powered or manual operation.  The NORDOCK® Automated Safety Gate (ASG) model is a superior powered unit with an electric drive and push button controls.

Optional integrated safety systems.  Optional door, barrier gate, vehicle restraint, and dock leveler, and communication lights equipment integration systems are available to provide a safe system of operation.


  • Prevents damage to overhead door tracks and panels
  • Prevents fork truck passage through openings avoiding edge of dock accidents
  • Designed to withstand an impact force of over 10,000 pounds at 4 mph
  • Counter balance system provides a smooth and easy operation
  • Energy absorbing bumpers protect gate, fork truck, and building from impact
  • Easy to install and simple to operate
  • Painted high visibility safety yellow with black and yellow safety striping
  • Available in electric powered model or simple manual operation


  • NEMA 4 weatherproof electric system
  • Integrated operating equipment systems
  • Galvanized steel structure
  • Photo electric safety stop

NORDOCK®Dock Bumpers

Loading dock bumpers play a pivotal role in safeguarding facilities from potential damage caused by the regular wear and tear associated with loading and unloading activities. These bumpers are strategically installed at loading docks to absorb the impact of trucks, trailers, and other vehicles during the loading and unloading process. Ensuring the structural integrity of the loading dock, these bumpers act as a resilient barrier, minimizing the risk of damage to both the dock and the vehicles involved. 

NORDOCK® IMPACT™ Series Steel Spring Bumpers

  • 9/16” tempered steel springs mounted on 3/8” steel back plate
  • Allows trailers to ride up and down the face with minimal friction
  • Uses 2 – 4” steel spring pads that absorb impact
  • Steel springs easily removed for installation
  • Laminated rubber section offers additional support for trailer impact

NORDOCK® Laminated Bumpers

  • Protection for loading dock equipment and trucks
  • Durable design
  • Reinforced laminated rubber
  • Plated rods
  • Installation kits available

NORDOCK® Molded Bumpers

  • Long lasting protection
  • Easy installation
  • Cost effective protection
  • Fiber reinforced rubber
  • Countersunk mounting holes
  • Installation kits available

NORDOCK® Risers and Build-outs

  • For added protection for low dock heights and down grades
  • Solid steel closed construction
  • Risers from 2” to 8”
  • Extensions from 2” to 12”
  • Available for any bumper type and size

NORDOCK® Steel Face Bumpers

  • Maximum protection of loading dock
  • Steel faced design for high traffic areas
  • Floating faceplate
  • Plated rods
  • Optional yellow truck guide face
  • Installation kits available

LOGI-SMART Integrated Control System

NORDOCK® Master Panels Control Integration

Provide a safe order of operation with the equipment integration systems available from NORDOCK®. The loading dock doors, dock levelers, TRUCK-LOCK® Air Seals, and communication lights can all be integrated to guarantee optimal safety and productivity.

These NORDOCK® Control Systems are available to meet specific requirements through a wide variety of designs.


  • Single location for control of dock leveler, vehicle restraint, barrier gate, overhead doors, and dock lights.
  • Interconnect equipment for safe operation
  • Free up wall space with a single control panel
  • Various options include disconnects, LED lights, dock lights, and fans
  • Simply maintenance
  • 120v supply

Dock Communications

By providing a synchronized signal that is clearly understood by both the truck driver and the dock personnel, the NORDOCK® communication system will increase safety and productivity. The Red and Green LED lights clearly indicate to both the drivers and the loading dock staff whether the trailer is in the process of being loading or unloaded. Once the operation is complete, the green light signals the drivers that it is safe for them to depart.

Standard Features

  • Easy to see and understand signage instructions indicating forward or reverse.
  • Red/Green LED interior and exterior lights.
  • High visibility yellow housing and signs.
  • Sun visors on lights to prevent glare.
  • Low profile design reduces damage from impact.
  • Lights are constructed of durable polypropylene that will not corrode, rust, or pit.
  • Easy installation to a 120V supply.

 Optional Equipment

  • The LOGI-SMART™ integrated control panel with full pre-wired interlocks and optional fused disconnect for safe integration of communication lights, dock leveler, door and vehicle restraint.
  • A photo eye sensor or limit switch mounted to the door or leveler for automatic light control.
  • A control panel with dock leveler and door that interlocks with the operator load function for leveler and inside green light control.
  • Benefits of NORDOCK® Dock Communication System:
  • Provides clear, simple, efficient communication.
  • Increases safety and productivity.
  • Utilizes Red and Green LED lights.
  • Reduces potential damage to trucks and loading dock equipment.

If you have any questions regarding our loading dock safety products & accessories please contact us today! We are here to help in any way that we can!