Self-Contained Compactors

SP Industries SC S

SP Industries SCS Self Contained CompactorEquipment Request Form ButtonSP Industries Self-Contained compactors are available in many sizes and options. The SC models are a single straight push cylinder type that can handle about 1 cubic yard per stroke and provide 10 inches of penetration for difficult waste items that have more retention. The SCS system utilize two crossed cylinders that provide more force and allow for larger charge chamber. The SCS self-contained compactors can handle two cubic yards of waste per stroke with pressures up to 49,200 pounds.


SP Industries SCS-LP

SP Industries SCS-LP Self Contained CompactorClick here for Used Equipment for SaleSP Industries Self-Contained Compactors are specifically designed for easy loading with a loading height of 42 1/2 inches. This compactor allows you the option of adding a deck for use in a loading dock bay or adding a hopper and heaving a workable loading height for your workers. With an optional rear deck, this compactor can be pushed up to your existing dock and accessed by walking on the rear deck for easy loading. Add safety hand and toe rails and you have no steps, no large gaps to jump, and ready to work platform that is accessed from your existing loading dock. Get more of what you need from your compactor with quality products from SP Industries.


Marathon Dual Recycling Compactor – DRC

Marathon Dual Recycling CompactorThe DRCII is one dual purpose compactor, occupying one space, with two separate compartments enabling the user to compact a wide range of waste and recyclables all at one time.



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