Safety and Commercial Vehicle Restraints

Safety and Commercial Vehicle Restraints When it comes to safety, we are committed to investing in the protection of our own lives and the lives of others when purchasing safety equipment from Speed Tech Equipment.  When it comes to safety, we are committed to investing in the protection of our own lives and the lives of others when purchasing safety equipment from Speed Tech Equipment.

While dealing with automobiles, it is important to note the potential dangers, especially while dealing with large trucks and trailers. It only makes sense for us to be concerned about safety when enormous vehicles traveling in excess of 60mph are involved in moving heavy equipment.

These vehicle restraints offered by Speed Tech Equipment will assist in avoiding injury while projects are being completed. You can see a full line of what we offer below.  If you are looking for something not on the list, contact us, we might just have it available.

“Vehicle restraints are a critical factor when it comes to protecting us from injury to ourselves and others"

Loading Dock Vehicle Restraints

The NORDOCK® AR-9500 Impact Restraint is a rotating vehicle restraint that automatically adjusts to the height of your trailer to provide you with the safest loading experience possible.

This unit connects the rear guard rail of your vehicle to a large rotating hook which fastens your trailer to the loading dock. Attaching your trailer to the loading dock with this automatic hook keeps the trailer from rolling away and keeps your hands away from moving machinery. Without this device your trailer has the potential to roll away, causing possible injury or damage. Restraining your vehicle with this device keeps you and others around you safe.

Nordock AR-9500
nordock pit hook

The NORDOCK®Pit-Hook is a non-impact invisible alternative. This unit is mounted underneath the loading dock, away from any debris, and is designed to keep the area clear of possible hazards. Trailers are held tightly in place via the rear impact guard, stopping the trailer from slowly separating from the dock. Trailer creep may cause the trailer to inch forward until it is no longer being held in place.  Without this unit, when the trailer is released it may roll forward or topple over. With no control of the trailer, the user is putting themselves and those around them at risk of harm.This Pit-Hook will prevent trailer creep and keep the trailer in place.

The NORDOCK® TRUCK-LOCK® Series | Automatic Vehicle Restraints is an automatic system that secures a truck at the loading dock by connecting the rear impact guard with a large barrier. While loading, a positive contact is maintained by the HYDRA-FLOAT™ barrier that automatically adjusts to various truck heights.Once the rear impact guard is connected, a barrier-mounted sensor provides positive communication to the operator regarding the location of the trailer. This automation will keep the truck in a secure position while also allowing for less human error and fewer safety hazards.

Nordock truck lock manual

The NORDOCK® TRUCK-LOCK® Series | Manual Vehicle Restraint locks trucks into place with 32,000 lb. of restraining force thus improving safety. It locks the truck by connecting the rear impact guard with a large barrier.

Positive communication verifying that the rear impact guard is connected is transmitted to the operator by the barrier-mounted sensor on the Model MTL-300. The spring-loaded barrier adjusts automatically to the different truck heights and sustains positive contact throughout loading operations. The positive connection alert allows the user to be sure of the connection before beginning operations, creating fewer safety issues.

Accidents happen every single day, but shouldn’t we be doing everything in our power to prevent them from happening? Safety should always be a major concern when working with heavy machinery and Speed Tech Equipment is here to provide products that help keep you on your feet and working safely. Browse through our website to view our Loading Dock Vehicle Restraints or call us to assist in finding the product that’s right for you.