The Benefits Of Preventive Maintenance For Your Compactors & Balers

Machinery provides great advantages to businesses today – increasing productivity and reducing operating costs are just some of the many positive effects that it can have for a business. Although it can produce great returns, owning and operating a business with regularly running machines needs to be strategically thought through. Much like people, engineered objects are not invincible, compactors and balers will break and of course undergo regular wear and tear of use! Have you ever heard the old saying, “if it’s not broke, then don’t fix it?” this phrase is still religiously lived by for some business and machine owners. Baler and compactor preventive maintenance might seem like more work and more costly up front but we are here to tell you that it will create countless benefits for your company in the long haul. What are some of the benefits?

“Preventive maintenance: Maintenance that is regularly performed on a piece of equipment to lessen the likelihood of it failing. It is performed while the equipment is still working so that it does not break down unexpectedly."

Operational Safety

Operational safety should be at the top priority and goal of EVERY business. This means keeping your employees safe by creating a safe work environment, following safety rules, as well as keeping your equipment running safely. As you perform preventive maintenance on your compactors and balers you are taking the steps to regularly check and double check that they are running properly, and they do not have any alarming symptoms that might lead to a break down, or a dangerous situation for any of your employees. 

baler preventive maintenance

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Any manager, owner, or business professional wants to keep costs down in order to make the most profit possible, right? By implementing baler and compactor preventive maintenance into your business model, it’s extremely likely that you will actually be reducing overall maintenance costs. The time and cost put into routinely checking through your compactors and balers will likely save you from needing to take the time and money to pay for a large broken-down machine. As you routinely check your balers and compactors, you will be replacing parts as they begin to wear, which will not only more than likely save you from a big breakdown where you need to replace multiple parts on top of losing production time!

Decreased Down Time

Decreasing your down time when a machine breaks is crucial to lowering your overall operations cost in the long term picture. Maintaining your balers and compactors regularly will likely result in less unexpected repairs and replacements – and when those unexpected times do come, there’s a bigger chance that the repair will not be as drastic as it could have been if the machine had not been under routine surveillance. That decrease in down time adds up over time not only making your business more efficient, but also more cost effective.

compactor preventive maintenance

Operations Efficiency

Operations efficiency can not only save you money, but it makes you MORE money. Machines obviously go through normal wear and tear, just like any other tangible object. The great thing about machines though, is that you can replace individual parts based on the wear and tear that they endure. As a compactor and baler gets older and has basic wear and tear, things won’t continue to work as fast and sometimes you will even see a noticeable change in the speed of operation. Replacing parts affecting the speed and productivity will keep up your efficiency while also preventing a breakdown that might leave you in a bad spot.

Extend Machine Life

Extending your machine life can sometimes be as easy as habitually checking your compactors and balers. If one piece of your machine fails or is failing; replacing the one part will likely prevent other parts from failing as a result of the first initial breaking piece. This in turn will begin to extend the life of the individual machine pieces, as well as raising the overall live expectancy of the machine.

Running a compactor and baler in your everyday business operations requires a maintenance plan, in order to maximize your work. Not only do baler and compactor preventive maintenance plans help businesses save money and stay on top of operations, but it also contributes to a safe and secure work environment for your employees which goes a lot further than just making them feel valued – it will create a positive name and reputation for your company as well as the individuals who work there.
So, if you do not practice preventive maintenance on your machines, you now know why it’s so important – but how do you begin to implement a plan after months, years, or decades of running your business the same way…with no routine maintenance? We suggest that you create a team of individuals to be responsible for overseeing the program. A good mix might be a to have a person from production, management, and maintenance. After your team has been formed we suggest that you make a plan of exactly which machines need to be checked when, how they need to be checked & what the best way is for that to happen. For example, you might want to make sure to check Baler A, B, & C’s electrical and hydraulics on the first of every other month because they are your oldest machines, then Compactor D & E every 6 months because they don’t get used quite as often and don’t have quite the same wear and tear as some other machines. If you do not have an experience mechanic on staff to do these checks for you, you can schedule these routine “check-ups” with Speed-Tech Equipment, or your local compactor and baler provider.

Remember, baler and compactor preventive maintenance is a great way to keep your equipment in tip-top shape, and is part of a successful formula to keep your business running the way you want – but it’s not guaranteed to always be 100% successful. Machines are still machines and we cannot always predict when something will break or when/how some sort of external situation will affect equipment in an unforeseen way.

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The NORDOCK® Specialty Dock Levelers Difference

Loading Dock Levelers: What's the Difference

Speed-Tech Equipment is your certified dealer for all of  Michigan. We have been selling their various types of loading dock levelers for the past several years.  

Mechanical Levelers

The mechanical dock levelers are easy-to-install, very affordable, have proven performance, and feature soft release action. They have been designed and built for the toughest loading dock environments. We offer the following NORDOCK® Series:

All of these series carry the NORDOCK® guarantee to outperform.

AirDock Levelers

The NORDOCK® Airdock™ Levelers are designed with the patented ‘Next Generation Air’™ technology. This technology makes these levelers revolutionary in improving loading dock productivity and efficiency.

We provide these NORDOCK® series of their AirDock™ levelers:

All of these series carry the NORDOCK® guarantee to outperform.

Nordock Airdock Levelers Industrial Series

Hydraulic Levelers

The next series of NORDOCK® levelers that we carry are the Hydraulic Series. These levelers are able to raise the deck to the needed height with the simple push of a button. This is made possible by utilizing a patented system of only one hydraulic cylinder. We sell five different NORDOCK® series of these levelers:

All of these series carry the NORDOCK® guarantee to outperform.

SHF Hydraulic Dock Leveler

NORDOCK® Specialty Dock Levelers

The mechanical dock levelers are easy-to-install, very affordable, have proven performance, and feature soft release action. They have been designed and built for the toughest loading dock environments. We offer the following NORDOCK® Series:

All of these series carry the NORDOCK® guarantee to outperform.

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We are here to help you find the best leveler suited for your loading dock based on your specific needs. What we have listed here are just brief introductions to each type of the NORDOCCK® levelers we sell. By answering any questions you may have, we’ll be able to help you determine which of the various series is the best solution for your particular loading dock.

4 Signs Your Commercial Garage Door Might Need Maintenance

Common Reasons Your Commercial Garage Door May Need Service or Repair

Does your commercial garage door need maintenance or repairs?
Maybe even just a tune up?
To save you from being scammed by a garage door repair company, here are some reasons why your garage door may need fixing.

Malfunctioning Photo-Eye

Photo eyes are necessary to keep the garage door from closing if an object passes through or something is blocking the infrared beams. They are very important to lessen the chances of accidents. Photo-eyes though can be picky, and if one is not quite lined up correctly, it may cause your commercial garage door not to close. By moving the photo-eye so that it lines up with the other should cause the garage door to close.

Another reason the photo-eye could be malfunctioning is debris and dirt on the eye. Clean the photo-eye carefully and your door should now properly open and close.

garage door photo eye
garage door spring

Broken Spring

A spring is very important because it provides tension to help the garage door opener lift the garage door. This issue is easily diagnosed. Springs are usually above the garage door near a wall. If you have two springs on the wall, you will probably need both replaced. Warning: do not try this on your own. It can be dangerous. Call a professional repair company to handle it.

Malfunctioning Remote Control

If you tried to fix the door with photo-eyes and spring and there is still an issue, another reason could be your remote control to the garage door. The remote could just need a new battery. If you replace the battery and it still doesn’t work, call the garage door company to diagnose the problem. Usually, one would not need a new garage door opener, unless of course, it is more than 10 years old.

Noisy Door

Noisy doors are more common than you might think. There could be multiple reasons why your door is loud. This issue though can most likely be fixed with a manufacturer’s recommended lubricant. The parts of the garage door, including springs, hinges, and rollers, should be lubricated regularly to keep the parts running smoothly for years. If this isn’t the issue, contact us as you may need a replacement part of your garage door system.

What is best for you and your company?

All these are common reasons why commercial garage doors need repairs. If these are not the causes of your garage door problem, you may need a professional to come take a look. Contact us today and we will help identify the root cause and fix the problem. Want to learn more information? Click here to see what we do!