Service Needs for a Commercial Trash Compactor

Service Needs for a Commercial Trash Compactor

 Your commercial trash compactors are a great investment for your businesses that generate a large volume of recycling materials and/or waste. By crushing and compressing waste, there are fewer hauls required which lowers your collection and transportation costs for your recycled materials.

Your commercial trash compactor works hard and is used on a regular basis in all kinds of extreme environments. And like all heavy equipment, there are hydraulic systems, switches, controls, and electrical systems-also a constant abrasion of metal against metal. Because of all of these factors, commercial trash compactors may need repairs and maintenance checks from time to time to make sure everything is working properly.

Let’s go over some common service needs for commercial trash compactors.

1. Loud / Strange Noises

This is one of the most common problems that result in your commercial trash compactor needed service. You probably already know that commercial trash compactors are already loud machinery, to begin with. However, if the noises coming from your machine become strange or even louder than normal, then there could be a bigger problem with the compactor that requires attention. The causes behind this situation could be several, that is why it is recommended to get your machine checked out by a service professional.

2. The Ram Won't Move

The ram is a key part of the compactor. It is responsible for compacting the materials inside the machinery so it must operate correctly for the compactor to run efficiently. If this is not happening, then there could be a number of issues with different parts of the compactor. For example, the power nut, directional switch, or driver gear. A recycling equipment repair company will be able to inspect and find the cause behind this problem.

3. The Compactor Doesn't Turn On

This is another common issue with your compactor that will require servicing. Sometimes the cause behind this issue is as simple as fixing a power cord or circuit breaker. However, it could also be an issue with the drive motor and directional switch.

4. The Compactor Won't Stop

Once the cycle is complete, your compactor should come to a complete stop. It should not continue running after compacting all the materials inside. However, sometimes the compactor will continue to run even after the session is complete. If this happens, you will want to inspect the compactor’s start switch and the directional switch. If the problem continues, then you should take it in to get inspected.

5. The Compactor Won't Stay On

The commercial trash compactor must stay powered on throughout the whole cycle in order to be completed. If it turns off at any point in the cycle, then it could cause issues as the materials won’t be compacted all the way through. If this occurs, it’s highly recommended to get in contact with a professional compactor repair specialist. These individuals will have the necessary equipment, experience, and tools to repair your compactor in an efficient and timely manner.

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