Speed Doors

Loading Dock Overhead Doors

Speed Tech Equipment has been easing into the overhead door business for some of our customers. That has included installing “Speed Doors” for at least a handful of those customers.

We recently assisted one of our local manufacturers with a door issue that they had been dealing with for some time. They were using a steel rolling curtain door and an electric opener to gain access from inside the plant to their outside storage and trash compactor area. The curtain door/opener combination was very slow in its ability to go up/down the required distance of 12’, taking about 12-13 seconds in each direction. Due to its slower speed, there were some instances where the forklift operators were running into the door and damaging it to the point that the door was no longer functioning properly.

An image of a red speed door installed by Speed-Tech on a loading dock.
The Speed-Door Solution installed by              Speed-Tech.

We were able to offer them a solution for this problem and still
allow them to keep the steel curtain door and the security it affords. We suggested a new Nergeco Enduro 5 Trekking vinyl curtain door to be mounted on the outside of the building. This new door travels up/down at the rate of approximately 3 feet per second, about 1/4 of the time that the old door took. Now the steel curtain
door can be left open during production hours, with the vinyl
curtain door being used for production traffic. Another happy customer!

Speed Doors