Preventative Maintenance

As your equipment is being used, abrasion of the parts and material is made that is causing wear. As wear occurs, your equipment assets are wearing out and in time will need to be repaired or replaced. Speed-Tech Equipment wishes that we could tell our customers that when you operate your equipment, nothing will ever go wrong and cost you money. If we did that, we would not be truthful and realistic. What we can truthfully tell our customers is that if we keep up on the required maintenance of the machine as recommended by the manufacturers, your excessive and unnecessarily high costs associated with operating the machine will be prevented. Therefore we refer to our reoccurring scheduled maintenance visits on your machines as PM’s. The customers on our scheduled PM programs prove their value every day by seeing the reduction of high cost repairs and breakdowns. Contact us immediately to have your machines put on a PM schedule and allow us to help you keep your operating costs at the minimum level possible.

Advantages of Preventative Maintenance Services

  1. Keeps up on the required maintenance of machine to allow it to continue to run when relied on
  2. Independent professional check of the machine to insure that it operates safely according to OSHA standards
  3. To insure that machine packs at proper pressure so you get maximum container loads or bale size
  4. Keeping up on the maintenance and repairs prevents the inevitable, unnecessary more costly repairs
  5. Having regular independent surveys of the equipment will fulfill all audit requirements that the equipment be properly serviced, maintained, and safety checked by a certified Technician

Items covered under standard Preventative Maintenance Service


  1. Thorough check that all safety devises are working properly
  2. Check that all operational controls of the machine works properly
  3. Test that electrical motor is functioning properly
  4. Check or cleaning of the motor starter contacts
  5. Test all limit switches to ensure they work properly


  1. Check and adjust packing pressure of the machine to ensure maximum load weight or bale weight
  2. Check for hydraulic leaks or oil contamination points
  3. Check the condition of the oil, perform oil sample test as needed
  4. Clean or replace oil filters
  5. Check operation of the pump
  6. Check for worn hoses
  7. Check cylinder condition and if necessary adjust gland nut or check for oil bypass


  1. Check wear pads and adjust as necessary
  2. Check that the machine is anchored properly
  3. Check that all access covers and gates are present and secure
  4. Check cylinder, pump, and motor mounts and look for any cracked welds on machine
  5. Lube and check condition of ram (platen), charge chamber, hold down bars, and breaker bars
  6. Clean chamber behind the ram (platen) of debris
  7. Clean power unit
  8. Check overall condition of machine and look for holes or fatigued steel
  9. Check condition, clean and lube as necessary all seals, rollers, hinges, add-on features, decks, gates, hoppers, eject chains, guide islands, etc.

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