Recent Project: MSU Shredder Relocation

Relocating the MSU Shredder

Michigan State University, Surplus Store and Recycling Center looked at relocating the shredder from inside the facility to the outside to improve both air quality and efficiencies inside the plant. The project included dismantling the shredder with a dumper from the existing location inside the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and moving it to a new custom built stand over the compactor outside. This project entailed constructing a large enclosure that would fully house the shredder and dumper unit to keep the equipment and valuable material dry throughout processing and storage in the receiver box. An exhaust fan was installed to automatically start when the dumper and shredder are engaged. According to MSU Recycling staff, the enclosure allows the University to more efficiently shred paper products, utilize valuable space within the MRF and reduce the dust levels within the facility. MSU continues to serve its campus with a full array of recycling services.

Pictured is the new enclosure sitting over the compactor. The controls are utilized outside of the enclosure, keeping personnel safely away from dumper and shredding unit while in operation.

new enclosure over the compactor

Controls for shredder outside of the enclosure
compactor at MSU

Recent Project: MSU Shredder Relocation