Baling Wire for Recycling Equipment

Baling wire is essential for any facility with a recycling operation using horizontal or vertical balers. In order to keep your machines running smoothly, we have a wide range of types and sizes available in stock. We offer free delivery to many West Michigan locations. If you need the baling wire immediately, same day shipping via UPS is also available if you provide us with your account number.

Baling Wire in Stock:                                       baling wire horizontal vertical balers recycling

  • 14ga x 14’ x 125pc
  • 14ga x 14’ x 250pc
  • 14ga x 15’ x 125pc
  • 12ga x 21’ x 125pc
  • 11ga wire 100# box



When determining which type and length of baling wire to order, one of the primary factors to be considered is the type of recycling equipment you are using and what it requires. Another factor is the weight and types of material that are being baled. Using the wrong size gauge for either your machines or the baled materials will result in breaking wire or bale breakage.

If you do not know the specifications required by your balers or are unsure of which type you may need for your baling operation, our sales staff is very experienced and knowledgeable. They are also more than capable of helping you determine the correct baling wire sizes, applications, quality issues, and pricing.

If you have questions or want to place an order for bailing wire, you can call 616.669.2142 to speak with Tim Decker who will be able to provide you with the answers for any questions you may have.