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Are you looking for a better-built alternative for your loading dock needs?


Are you looking for loading dock equipment for your new business?

Either way, as a certified Michigan NORDOCK® dealer, Speed-Tech Equipment is qualified to provide for your loading dock equipment requirements. Since your loading dock is a fundamental and vital part of your business operation, Speed-Tech is proud to offer you a full line of NORDOCK® loading dock equipment including dock levelers, dock seals and shelters, vehicle restraints, dock lifts, in-plant handling equipment, safety products, loading dock accessories, and loading dock parts.

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NORDOCK® represents itself as having “The Better Build Alternative.” For over twenty years they have had a committed team of highly qualified professionals that share the mutual objective of “providing the best possible product for value conscious customers.” At Speed-Tech Equipment we, too, have this  same goal with regard to offering  loading dock equipment from NORDOCK® to our customers: quality and safety must come first. As such, it was a natural choice for us to become a certified Michigan NORDOCK® dealer. And by carrying the NORDOCK® line of products, we provide Superior Loading Dock and Material Handling Systems directly to our customers.

NORDOCK® Loading Dock Equipment

NORDOCK® Loading Dock Levelers

A dock leveler is one of the most integral parts of your loading dock equipment. Its chief purpose is to serve as a bridge that safely allows for the transfer of goods from a truck, semi-trailer, or railcar to a warehouse or storage building or vice versa. The dock leveler is responsible for aligning a truck’s height with that of the building’s height which enables forklifts or hand pallet trucks to safely load and unload the truck. Although it depends on whether it is a NORDOCK® Mechanical, Air-powered, Hydraulic, or a Specialty Dock Leveler as to how they are placed in the trailer, all of the NORDOCK® levelers can be easily positioned requiring no manual lifting.

Benefits of NORDOCK® Loading Dock Levelers:

  • Easily positioned
  • No manual lifting
  • Safe loading and unloading

Speed-Tech offers the following types of NORDOCK® loading dock levelers:

  • Airdock Levelers
    • Constructor Series
    • Industrial Series
    • Super Duty Series
    • Barrier Series
  • Hydraulic Levelers
    • Constructor Series
    • Dual Duty Series
    • Performa Series
    • Heavy Duty Series
    • Super Duty Series
    • Barrier Series
  • Specialty Dock Levelers
    • ADF Air-Powered Dock Leveler
    • SHF Hydraulic Dock Leveler
    • Telescoping Lip Leveler
    • Vertical Storing

NORDOCK® Loading Dock Seals & Shelters

The dual purpose of loading dock seals and shelters is to protect your employees from all types of inclement weather as well as protect your energy bills from exorbitant costs. Other benefits include providing a safe environment for your employees by eliminating the risk of puddles or injuries caused by slippery floors, keeping out cold drafts, minimizing rodent and insect entry, and reducing the amount of warehouse debris that normally would fall through the openings around the leveler.

Loading dock shelters are defined as covers constructed of rigid or foam framed that are designed to protect the space between the door of the truck and the warehouse. Loading dock seals are defined as a system of vinyl covered compressed foam padding designed to line the edge of the loading dock door. This closes and protects the gap between the door opening and the truck trailer. Both the dock shelter and seal play an important part in keeping your loading dock a safe place for your employees for loading and unloading as well as protecting your goods, products, and equipment from damage.

Benefits of NORDOCK® Loading Dock Seals & Shelters:

  • Protects employees, dock equipment, and goods from inclement weather
  • Ensures employee safety
  • Conserves energy
  • Minimizes insect and rodent entry
  • Reduces amount of warehouse debris

Speed-Tech offers the following types of NORDOCK® loading dock seals and shelters:

  • Dock Seals
    • STP Trailer Door Gap Compression Seal
    • STC Trailer Door Gap Compression Seal
    • FP Series Dock Seal
    • FC Series Dock Seal
  • Dock Shelters
    • FF FoamFrame Series Dock Shelter
    • DS Series Truck Shelter
    • RF Series Truck Shelter

NORDOCK® Vehicle Restraints for Loading Docks

We understand that it is imperative that your loading dock be a safe, as well as productive, environment. Truck vehicle restraints are essential to ensuring safety and efficiency of your loading dock to prevent potentially dangerous and destructive accidents that could harm your employees and equipment. The two leading causes of calamities are trailer creep and early driver departure. The more treacherous is trailer creep caused by the trailer slowly moving away from the loading dock. This creates a gap into which the forklift and its driver could crash. There is no question that this is a risk that no company wants to take.

Vehicle restraints are constructed to prevent such catastrophes by locking trailers into place at the loading dock in addition to keeping trucks and trailers from pulling away prematurely during loading and unloading. There are several styles of trailer restraints including impact, non-impact, automatic, and manual models. The primary benefits of truck restraints (also known as dock locks, truck locks, safety locks, etc.) are the safety of your employees and minimizing the damage to your loading dock equipment.

Benefits of Vehicle Restraints for Loading Docks:

  • Ensures safety of employees
  • Minimizes damage to equipment

Speed-Tech offers the following types of NORDOCK® loading dock vehicle restraints:

NORDOCK® Loading Dock Lifts

If your loading dock operation involves ground-to-dock height loading abilities, a dock lift may be a better choice than a dock leveler. For decades, Nordock® has been designing a variety of high performance lifts to fit almost any application. The best choice depends on your individual needs, but whether you need Standard or Custom Ergonmic Lifts, Tilter or Rotator Lifts, or Scissor or Platform Lifts, all of Nordock’s lifts are high-quality pieces of equipment that have been designed and built for long, productive life as well as providing safety for your employees while keeping your operation moving. Finally, dock lifts are a more cost effective option than constructing a new dock.

Benefits of Loading Dock Lifts:

  • Cost effective
  • Improves productivity
  • Improves safety

Speed-tech offers the following types of NORDOCK® loading dock lifts:

NORDOCK® Loading Dock Safety Products & Accessories

By its very nature, the loading dock can be a very dangerous place. Accidents can occur by collisions of forklifts, employees falling off the dock or being crushed between the dock and the trailers. As employers, you want your warehouse areas to be as safe as possible, not only because of compliance with OSHA, but also because of concern for your employees as well as your loading dock equipment and other assets. We offer several Nordock® products such as barrier gates, dock bumpers, equipment integration systems, and dock communications that are designed to increase safety.

Nordock® Fall-Stop Barriers are designed to avoid both equipment damage and accidental roll-off by keeping forklifts from entering the dock area when the door is open. They can also prevent door track and panel damage that can be caused by pallet handling and forklifts.

As a critical, but often overlooked, component in loading dock safety, Nordock® knows that the main function of loading dock bumpers is to protect your building and loading equipment from damage as trailers are backed into the dock. All of the Nordock Loading® Dock Bumpers, whether steel spring, steel face, laminated, or molded, are designed to ensure proper dock leveler lip purchase, dock seal compression, and the correct trailer positioning for the truck restraints.

Nordock® LOGI-SMART Integrated Control Systems are designed to provide optimum safety and efficiency of the operation on your loading dock. Through a single control panel, your loading dock equipment, including dock levelers, doors, vehicle restraints, shelters, air seals, and communication lights, is integrated into a safe sequence of operation. Options and accessories for this system include LED lights, dock lights, dock fans, and a 120v supply.

Nordock® Loading Dock Communications provide a synchronized signal through the use of high-visibility LED lights that is clearly understood by the dock personnel and the truck driver resulting in increased loading dock safety and productivity. Standard features include red/green inside and outside lights, high visibility yellow housing and signs, easy to see and understand signage instructions, low profile design that reduces damage from impact, durable polypropylene constructed lights, and easy 120 volt installation.

Benefits of Nordock® Loading Dock Safety Products & Accessories:

  • Increases safety for employees
  • Minimizes damages to equipment
  • OSHA compliant
  • Reduces costs due to accidents
  • Increases efficiency

Speed-Tech offers the following types of NORDOCK® loading dock safety products and accessories:

  • Fall-Stop Barrier Series
  • Dock Bumpers
  • LOGI-SMART Integrated Control System
  • Dock Communications


As a Michigan NORDOCK® dealer, we know that it is critical to your loading dock operation that your loading dock equipment be reliable, efficient, and productive. These essential pieces of equipment come in contact with both the raw materials coming into your manufacturing or distribution business and the final products going out; therefore, it is crucial that they are able to handle the job with minimal downtime and maximum safety. NORDOCK® loading dock equipment and safety products are designed to protect your personnel, your products, and your machinery.

Speed-Tech Equipment also offers equipment  installation, services, and onsite mobile repairs for NORDOCK® loading dock equipment to our customers in all of Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Northwestern Ohio. Our well-trained installation crew and expert repair technicians are capable of getting your loading dock equipment up and running in the least amount of time possible. Speed-Tech is committed to make your loading dock operation run efficiently and safely while still being cost effective.