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NORDOCK® Mechanical Leveler | Industrial Series

Mechanical Leveler Industrial Series
INDUSTRIAL Series Leveler


The Industrial Series of the NORDOCK® Mechanical Levelers features soft activation combined with an established record proving that they are built for the toughest loading dock.

Ultimate performance

The NORDOCK® Industrial Series Mechanical Dock Levelers have proven performance with reliability, strength, and ease of operation.  This series of dock levelers are equipped with a simple release hold-down with limitless float and full yielding walkout lip extension for proficient and smooth operation as well as an exclusive lip lug and header plate design.

Toughest loading dock equipment

Maximum strength is provided by a platform that is one complete welded structure with continuous welds at the header place, beam, and lug connections.  The lip and deck plates, the lugs, and the beam sections are built with 50,000 – 55,000 PSI yield material.guaranteed

Additional deck plate support is provided by welded side guards and a standard center deck beam.  The continuous back hinge offers 4” side-to-side tilt with no pinch point.

Easy release initiation

The equipment operator frees the holdown at the back of the platform until the deck is lifted and stopped.  By walking down the platform, the operator lip is extended onto the truck bed.  During loading, the deck floats up and down.  The standard 16” lip lengthens until it connects the bed of the truck 12” above and below floor level.

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  • Zinc plated front and back hinge rods factory coated with anti-seize lubricant
  • Integral maintenance supports
  • Seven rear structural frame supports
  • Exclusive lip lug and header plate design ensuring maximum resilience and strength
  • Continuous rear hinge assembly
  • exclusive liplug header plate designAuto-sensing holdown with limitless float
  • Central position holdown eliminating deck twist for level storage
  • Full yielding walkout lip extension
  • Center deck support
  • Zinc plated hinge rods
  • Retractable solid steel deck stops
  • Open frame design for easy pit cleaning
  • Self cleaning lip hinge
  • Below dock end load control
  • Soft release activation
  • Working range side guards


available truck-lock safety system
Available TRUCK-LOCK safety system

Options & Accessories

  • TRUCK-LOCK® Vehicle Restraint Systems
  • FALL-STOP Safety Barrier Gates
  • Steel spring and steel face dock bumpers
  • 18” or 20” long lip
  • Self forming pour in pans
  • Dock lights
  • Brush weather seals


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