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NORDOCK® Mechanical Levelers:  Constructor™, Heavy-Metal™, and Industrial™ Series

The NORDOCK® Mechanical Levelers consist of the Constructor, Heavy-Metal, and Industrial Series.  Each Series features strength and reliability as well as proven performance.  Although all these dock levelers are built for the toughest loading docks, each features soft release activation.  Whether the Constructor, Heavy-Metal, or Industrial Series, each mechanical leveler comes with the NORDOCK® guarantee to outperform.

Mechanical Leveler Constructor SeriesMechanical Leveler Industrial SeriesMechanical Leveler Heavy Metal Series
Constructor SeriesIndustrial SeriesHeavy Metal Series

Constructor Series

NORDOCK® designed the Constructor Series Mechanical Levelers exclusively for the construction industry. It is intended to be a cost effective alternative for even the toughest loading dock in addition to its being easy to install. Its features include easy release activation, capacity ratings for 25,000 – 45,000 lbs., two heavy-duty dock bumpers, welded structural side guards, security night locks, and an ergonomic walk-down lip extension. Because of its open-frame design, it is easy to clean the pit area.

Industrial Series

NORDOCK® Industrial Series Mechanical Levelers have an established record proving their ease of operation, strength, and reliability. This Series features soft activation and easy release initiation. They are also equipped with a simple release hold-down with a limitless float and full yielding walkout lip extension that provide for smooth, proficient operation. In addition, this Series includes an exclusive lip lug and header plate design.

Heavy Metal Series

The foremost standard for the NORDOCK® Heavy Metal Series Mechanical Levelers is their strength and reliability in order to provide matchless service. They are designed to feature simple operation, dependability, and strength with an easy release. Its standard features include NORDOCK’s exclusive auto-sensing holdown and a full yieldable walk-down lip extension and also comes equipped with more customary performance features than other comparable products. A platform that is a centralized welded structure with continuous welds at the header plate, hinge tubes, and beam that are built of at least 50,000 -55,000 PSI yield material achieves the maximum strength that makes this Series live up to its “Heavy Metal” name.


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