Loading Dock Safety Products and Accessories

The various types of operations taking place in and around the loading dock makes this environment one of the most hazardous areas in a facility. And since no two plants are the same, Speed-Tech Equipment offers a wide variety of NORDOCK® loading dock safety products and accessories in order to provide custom solutions for your loading dock safety needs. In addition to NORDOCK® loading dock seals, shelters, and various types of vehicle restraints, we also offer:

Before 1971 when OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) was created, there was an estimated 14,000 workers killed on the job each year. As of July 1, 2015, OSHA reported that nearly 100,000 are injured every year resulting from forklift accidents or misuse. Because of these prevalent dangers, OSHA has various regulations specific to material handling (29 Code of Federal Regulation 1910.176) as well as to forklift design (29 CFR 1910.178) and forklift operator requirements. 

Some of the most common hazards on or around loading docks that can cause serious injury to your personnel or equipment include:

  • Trailer creep or separation
  • Trailer tipovers
  • Landing gear collapse
  • Unprepared departure
  • Forklift collisions
  • Employees or others being hit
  • Equipment damage

In recognition of these various risks present in and around the loading dock and the efforts standard safety regulations required by  OSHA, Speed-Tech Equipment is not only committed to the safety of our own employees, but also to yours. Therefore, we provide  the following types of loading dock safety products and accessories to help you make your loading dock environment as safe as possible.

Vehicle Restraints

In order to address the potential hazards of trailer creep or separation, tailer tipovers, landing gear collapse, and unprepared or early truck departures, Speed-Tech offers several types of mechanical, hydraulic low-profile and under-leveler NORDOCK® vehicle restraints.

  • Impact Series 9500 Vehicle Restraint: The AR-9500 Rotating Hook Vehicle Restraint is designed to fasten a trailer to the loading dock by connecting the rear impact guard with a large rotating hook. This significantly removes the possibility of trailer creep and tipovers or early departures.
  • Pit-Hook Vehicle Restraint: This non-impact vehicle restraint is designed to maintain a tight hold on the rear impact guard which virtually eliminates trailer creep as well a landing gear collapse.
  • TRUCK-LOCK® Series Automatic Vehicle Restraint: This series of automatic vehicle restraint systems secure a truck to the loading dock by connecting the rear impact guard with a large barrier.
  • TRUCK-LOCK® Series Manual Vehicle Restraint: This series of manual vehicle restraint systems is a cost effective alternative for securing a truck to a loading dock.

FALL-STOP Barrier Gates

The NORDOCK® FALL-STOP™ Series Safety Barrier Gate is specifically designed to improve dock safety on the loading dock area while the door is open. By serving as a visual barrier for forklift drivers, employees,  and other personnel, this gate reduces the occurrence of accidents caused by falling off the open dock. In addition, it also prevents door track and panel damage caused by forklifts and pallet handling.

Dock Bumpers

NORDOCK® Bumpers are designed to protect loading docks, loading dock equipment, and trucks during the process of loading and unloading by absorbing and deflecting impacts. We offer several types of bumpers made out of varying materials:

  • NORDOCK® IMPACT™ Series Steel Spring Bumpers
  • NORDOCK® Laminated Bumpers
  • NORDOCK® Steel Face Bumpers
  • NORDOCK® Molded Bumpers

NORDOCK® Risers and Build-outs are also available for additional protection for low dock heights and down grades.

NORDOCK® LOGI-SMART Integrated Control System

The NORDOCK® LOGI-SMART Integrated Control System is specifically designed to provide a single panel to interconnect equipment for a safe order of operation. Forklift collisions, personnel and employees being accidentally hit, and other equipment damage can be significantly avoided by having the loading dock doors, TRUCK-LOCK® Air Seals, dock levelers, vehicle restraints, and communication lights all seamlessly combined into one panel to provide optimal safety as well as productivity.

Dock Communications

Many dangerous accidents can be avoided by a clear communication between the loading dock employees and the truck driver. The NORDOCK® Dock Communication System provides critical synchronized signals through the use of high-visibility LED red and green lights and large easy-to-read signage. This system is a safe and efficient option to increase the two-way communication in your warehouse and on your loading dock.

Since creating and maintaining a safe work environment is critical to a successful loading dock operation, Speed-Tech is committed to ensuring that your loading dock area, as well as your entire manufacturing and warehouse facilities, are safe for your employees and equipment.

Please contact us, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.