Impact Series 9500 Vehicle Restraint

Automatically adjusts to trailer height for proficient and safe loading and unloading

Model AR-9000 Vehicle Restraint
Model AR-9000 Vehicle Restraint

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Exclusive direct drive system
Exclusive direct drive system
Optional LOGI-Smart control system
Optional LOGI-Smart control system
Inside/outside communications lights and signs
Inside/outside communications lights and signs

The NORDOCK® IMPACT Series rotating hook vehicle restraint is designed to avoid trailer creep, tipovers, and unprepared departure.

The AR-9500 model is a exceptional automatic unit designed to fasten a trailer to the loading dock by connecting the rear impact guard with a large rotating hook.

During loading operations the housing automatically adjusts to several truck heights and keeps the position with the rear impact guard. The housing is stored above ground so that is free of debris, snow, and ice.

The low profile descends to only 9” about the ground to avoid the low rear impact guards. The AR-9500 will fasten all trucks with a 32,000 lb. restraining force.

AR-9500 Impact Series Truck Restraint Features
  • Exclusive water-tight Hook Position Sensor eliminates limit switches
  • Improved direct drive system eliminates clutches, chains, or brakes and provides constant upward biased hook force
  • Large rotating hook design helps prevent unscheduled trailer departure, creep, and tipover
  • Automatically adjusts to trailer movement during loading keeping constant contact with rear impact guard
  • Housing automatically positions itself to the correct height by incoming trailer
  • Solid state control system
  • Dock leveler interlock capable
  • Low-profile housing lowers to 9” off grade
  • Mounting force in excess of 100,000 lbs.
  • Rotating Hook secures the rear impact guard with over 32,000 lbs. of restraining force
  • All weather zinc plated components for superior durability
  • Auto reversing hook to prevent damage from incoming trucks
  • NEMA 12 panel enclosure with operator instructions on cover
  • Fault sensor alerts operator if no rear impact guard is detected
  • Easy to understand controls
  • Above ground storage keeps housing clear of snow, ice, and debris
  • Inside and outside communication lights and signs
  • 5 year structural warranty
  • LED lights

AR-9500 Optional Equipment

  • Cantilever extension mounting bracket
  • Integrated LOGI-Smart control systems
  • Keyed override switch
  • Cast-in wall mounting plate