Constructor Series

NORDOCK® Hydraulic Dock Leveler | Constructor Series

Hydraulic Leveler Constructor Series
Hydraulic Constructor Series Leveler

The NORDOCK® Constructor Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler, exclusively designed for the construction industry, is a key development for strength, dependability, simple operation, and easy installation. This cost-effective Series is available in 25,000 to 45,000 lb. capacities, that is, capacities in standard nominal sizes of 6 and 7 feet wide by 6 and 8 feet long. Easy cleaning of the pit area is provided the open-frame design.

Tough construction for extended trouble-free operation

 The platform is a cohesive welded structure with continuous welds at the header plant, hinge tubes, and beam and 33% dual side beam to deck weld pattern. The lip plate, deck plate, and beam section and lugs are constructed of minimum 50,000 – 55,000 PSI yield material. Four inches of side-to-side tilt with no pinch point is provided by the fixed rear hinge.

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Simple one-step push button control

 By pressing the control button, the operator raises the deck until the lip is completely extended. The lip is lowered onto the truck bed by releasing the button. The operator presses the control button until the lip completely retracts to store the leveler.

NORDOCK CONSTRUCTOR Series Hydraulic Leveler

Hydraulic Compactor Fixed Rear Hinge
Fixed Rear Hinge with Solid Steel Supports and Full Width Rod


  • Heavy Duty Hydraulics
  • Patented Dual Function Cylinder
  • Dual Side 33% Beam to Deck Weld Pattern
  • High Tensile Lip and Deck Safety Tread Plate
  • Open Frame Design for Simple Pit Cleaning
  • Seven Rear Structural Frame Supports
  • Fixed Rear Hinge Provides Easy Transfer & Eliminates Pinch, Trip or Impact Point.
  • Full Range Telescoping Side Guards
  • Quick Cycle Time Hydraulics
  • Full Width Rear Hinge Rod
  • Dust Tight Control Panel Enclosure.
  • Integral Maintenance Support
  • Black and Yellow Striping on Deck Skirts
  • Two Dock Bumpers Included
  • Security Night Locks
Optional Integrated control system
Optional Integrated control system


  • Center Deck Reinforcement – Required when three wheel fork lifts are used
  • Emergency Stop Control
  • Grease Fittings on Front Hinge
  • Automatic Return to Dock Level
  • Zinc Plated Hinge Rods
  • 18” or 20” Long Lip


  • TRUCK-LOCK®Vehicle Restraint Systems
  • FALL-STOP Safety Barrier Gates
  • Steel Spring and Steel Faced Dock
  • Self Forming Pour in Pans
  • Brush Weather Seals
  • Dock Lights

    Available TRUCK LOCK safety system
    Available TRUCK LOCK safety system