STC Series Compression Seal

STC Trailer Door Gap Compression Seal

STC Trailer door gap compression seal
STC Trailer door gap compression seal

The NORDOCK Seal-Tite STC Series dock seal, designed to form a tight seal against the trailer door, effectively provides protection for cargo and personnel while loading and unloading trailers. Insects, dust, and bad weather are kept our by the truck backing into the head and side pads to create a safer and more productive environment. It also saves energy costs and increases security. The exclusive design closes the gap created formed from the swing out trailer doors, permits easier access into the trailer, and decreases the pressure on the building walls.

  • Unique side pad design captures and closes off the air gap created by swing out trailer doors
  • Fixed head pad provides maximum seal face of vertical pads for accurate truck positioning
  • High-tear abrasion resistant fabrics with double lock stitched seams
  • Better trailer access with less pressure on building wall than conventional foam pad seals
  • Kiln dried pressure treated superior grade backing and head frame lumber
  • 99% memory foam core side frame with condensation drainage
  • Most suitable for door openings up to 9 feet wide x up to 10 feet high
  • Galvanized mounting hardware included
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Seal-Tite Dock Shelter Options:

  • 55 oz. WT 90 Fabric
  • 22 oz. & 40 oz. Vinyl
  • Tapered Sides for decline/incline approach
  • 4” or 8’exposre wear pleats
  • Galvanized steel backer

Seal-Tite Accessories:

  • Steel spring, steel face, and laminated bumpers                                                             guaranteed
  • Vehicle restraints
  • Dock levelers
  • Fall-Stop barrier gate
  • Galvanized steel canopies
  • Loading dock lights
  • Wheel chocks