Dock Communication

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Dock Communication

A dock communication system is critical for loading docks whether your facility is large or small. The operation of loading and unloading trucks makes the loading dock one of the most dangerous areas in any business or warehouse. Clear communication between the truck drivers and loading dock personnel significantly reduces the risk of accidents and injuries to employees. In addition, dock communication also decreases potential damage to trucks and loading dock equipment.

By providing a synchronized signal that is clearly understood by both the truck driver and the dock personnel, the NORDOCK® communication system will increase safety and productivity. The Red and Green LED lights clearly indicate to both the drivers and the loading dock staff whether the trailer is in the process of being loading or unloaded. Once the operation is complete, the green light signals the drivers that it is safe for them to depart.

Standard Features

  • Easy to see and understand signage instructions indicating forward or reverse.
  • Red/Green LED interior and exterior lights.
  • High visibility yellow housing and signs.
  • Sun visors on lights to prevent glare.
  • Low profile design reduces damage from impact.
  • Lights are constructed of durable polypropylene that will not corrode, rust, or pit.
  • Easy installation to a 120V supply.

Optional Equipment

  • The LOGI-SMART™ integrated control panel with full pre-wired interlocks and optional fused disconnect for safe integration of communication lights, dock leveler, door and vehicle restraint.
  • A photo eye sensor or limit switch mounted to the door or leveler for automatic light control.
  • A control panel with dock leveler and door that interlocks with the operator load function for leveler and inside green light control.

Benefits of NORDOCK® Dock Communication System:

  • Provides clear, simple, efficient communication.
  • Increases safety and productivity.
  • Utilizes Red and Green LED lights.
  • Reduces potential damage to trucks and loading dock equipment.