Compactor Services


  • Check pressures
  • Change & clean filters
  • Check oil level & quality
  • Check hoses, fittings and connections for leaks and wear
  • Tighten gland nut on the cylinder
  • Inspect chrome rod for nicks, dents and abrasions


  • Lubricate motor
  • Clean motor starter contracts
  • Check all electrical conduit, wires, connections, timers, relays, circuit boards etc.
  • Check & adjust cycle timer, all electrical safety devices, & limit switches

Structural / Operational

  • Adjust wear pads and grease guide rails
  • Check and lube ram wiper blades
  • Check all welds, machine structural components, & anchors
  • Grease ratchet binders
  • Clean debris behind ram & clean power unit


  • Verify proper stickers, signs, instructions are posted
  • Ensure all dead man controls, interlock switch & disconnect are operating properly
  • Check that all machine controls are safe and accessible per MI OSHA

Maintenance Benefits

  • Prolong life of the equipment
  • Ensure full compaction pressure to minimize hauling costs
  • Help prevent high cost repair bills
  • Reduce liability and loss prevention
  • Improve employee health & safety
  • Stay in compliance with OSAH, audit & company performance standards

Service Contract Option

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