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Speed-Tech Equipment sells various types of new and refurbished compactors: stationary compactors, self-contained compactors, and vertical compactors. New contractors include the Marathon RJ-275 Stationary Compactor, the SP Industries PC-6000 Pre-Crusher Compactor, the SP Industries Self-Contained Compactor, the Marathon Dual Recycling Compactor, and the Vert-I-Pack Compactor.

Although located in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, Speed-Tech will ship new compactors all over the world because we care about your service.

Speed-Tech’s qualified installation technicians will install new and refurbished compactors for all of Michigan, Northwestern Ohio, and Northern Indiana. Our installation equipment consisting of two flatbed trucks equipped with cranes and trailers to transport the new compactor equipment to your site and then install. Our installation crew will take care of the installation from start to finish.

On-site Service

  • Full fleet of 10 fully stocked service trucks
  • Services trucks equipped with Fabrication Tools
  • Machine Re-builds and Refurbishing
  • Active Parts Runners to reduce downtime
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • GPS Dispatched Service Calls

Compactor Sales & Installations

  • New & Refurbished Compactors
  • Compactor Installations
  • Compactor Moves

Additional Features & Applications

  • Full compactor enclosures
  • Cart dumper systems
  • Key pad access controls
  • Ampro hook conversion
  • Custom fabrication projects

Click here for a detailed list of compactor services. Contact SpeedTech Equipment