Our Very Busy Dock Division

Installing New Loading Docks and Seals

Our Dock Division has been very busy these past months. We’ve installed new docks and seals as far south as Ft. Wayne, IN; as far north as Traverse City, MI; and as far east as St. Clair Shores, MI, to name a few. Of course, the main part of our business is right here in Western Michigan – Grand Rapids/Holland/Kalamazoo and the surrounding suburbs.

One of the recent jobs included replacing an Edge of Dock for a customer in Grand Rapids. As you can see in the pictures below, the old edge of dock had broken loose from the concrete and was very unsafe to use. We were able to supply the customer with a new Nordock EM Services Mechanical Edge of Dock, and also provide a new transition plate and ramp to secure the dock to the concrete. Now the customer has a safe and strong solution to what they had previously.


broken edge of dock
Unsafe Edge of Dock
Replacement edge of dock
Replacement Edge of Dock

What issues are you having with your current docks? Would you like to upgrade from a mechanical to a powered dock? We offer both air and hydraulic versions. This provides ease of use and ergonomic benefits as well. No more bending over to pull on a chain or having to “walk down the dock plate” when returning your place to the stored position. Powered docks also require less maintenance over their lifetime as compared to a mechanical dock. That means your cost of ownership is less for a powered dock over a mechanical dock.

On-Site Dock Demo Trailer

Are you interested in seeing these docks? Let us bring our Dock Demo trailer to your place of business and demonstrate one for you. We can show you two types of powered trailer restraints as well – both the impact and non-impact styles. Have questions?

We would love to help you find a solution to your dock needs!






Our Very Busy Dock Division