Horizontal Baler Services and Repairs

Speed-Tech Equipment offers horizontal baler services and repairs throughout Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Northwestern Ohio.  Horizontal baler services include checking and inspecting the hydraulic, electrical, and operational parts of your equipment as well as updating its safety features.  If applicable, auto ties will also be checked and cleaned.   The major advantage of periodic maintenance provided as part of our horizontal baler services is the prolonged life of your equipment.  Speed-Tech also provides horizontal baler repairs for the hydraulic, electrical, and structural or operational systems.


  • Check pressures
  • Change & clean filters
  • Check oil level & quality
  • Check hoses, fittings, and connections for leaks and wear
  • Tighten gland nut on the cylinder
  • Inspect rod for nicks, dents, and abrasions


  • Lubricate motor
  • Clean motor starter contracts
  • Check all electrical conduit, wires, connections, timers, relays, circuit boards, etc…
  • Check & adjust cycle timer, all electrical safety devices & limit switches

Structural / Operational

  • Check all welds, check all machine structural components and anchors
  • Inspect baler floor and liner plates for gouging or excessive wear
  • Check ram hold down clearance for shear blade clearance
  • Clean out material behind the ram
  • Grease / lube cam followers/roller bearings
  • Clean debris from charge chamber & clean power unit

Auto Tie (if applicable)

  • Clean/inspect/lube all drive changes and sprockets for wear and stretching. Adjust tension as necessary
  • Check and clean all limit switches, prox. switches and inspected mounting brackets
  • Inspect inserter carriage for cracks, loose bolts and worn rollers
  • Inspect and adjust wire guides to insure smooth wire feed
  • Check twister hooks for proper alignment
  • Check cutter blades and tighten mounting bolts as needed


  • Verify proper stickers, signs, instructions are posted
  • Ensure all dead man controls, interlock switch, e-stops & disconnect are operating properly
  • Check that all machine controls are in safe/accessible locations

Maintenance Benefits

  • Prolong life of the equipment
  • Ensure full compaction pressure to maximize bale weight
  • Help prevent high cost repair bills
  • Reduce liability and loss prevention
  • Improve employee health & safety
  • Stay in compliance with OSHA, audit & company performance standards

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