Horizontal Balers

Speed-Tech Equipment offers a broad line of new or used horizontal balers and equipment, including horizontal and vertical balers.  We can also provide closed end, two ram, and open end auto-tie equipment. Speed-Tech also offers many different makes of automatic wire tiers for horizontal balers.  Speed-Tech can also help supply and provide you with new or refurbished horizontal balers. Check out some of our horizontal baler services.

Are you looking for used horizontal or refurbished balers, check here. We also offer many types of baling wire here.

Horizontal Balers Horizontal balers Horizontal balers

Our extensive line of balers and products is unique to every application and each client’s needs.  We are there to provide any recycling baler need, no matter if your need is horizontal or vertical.



Vertical Balers

Speed-Tech Equipment services a wide range of many makes and models of vertical balers. Speed-Tech is a distributor and dealer for several manufacturers and can supply you with new or refurbished vertical balers from a small backroom 42 inch unit up to the largest of 60 – 72 inch balers.

60 inch vertical baler 60 inch vertical baler 60 inch vertical baler 60 inch vertical balers

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